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Why is it so hard? - Car Titles

Published on May 26, 2022 by Natalie

Whenever a vehicle is sold, the title of the vehicle is transferred from the seller to the buyer. The exchange takes place regardless of whether the vehicle is sold at auction, a private sale, or by a dealer. We spoke with Kunes Auto Group's License and Title Manager, Cynara Kluever, about how Kunes handles the acquisition and transfer of vehicle titles. We discussed challenges that often arise and how they are resolved within the group. One of the biggest challenges, she mentioned, is that every title exchange is unique and has its own set of challenges. This, of course, is amplified when we do a state to state transfer. Transferring across state lines involves lots of paperwork that must be submitted to the state for approval and then sent back to the auto group to complete the transfer. This sometimes can take several weeks, or even months, to complete.


Fortunately, Kunes Auto Group understands these challenges and has an entire team dedicated to making it easier for you. Additionally, they work with a third party to complete this process in under 2 weeks in most cases. It is quite obvious that this process is, at times, a difficult one and can put lots of stress on those selling and even those trying to buy vehicles. 


As an example, on May 12th, 2022, Carvana's dealership license in the state of Illinois was revoked because it sold vehicles without the title, among other issues. Several states have already sanctioned or threatened to sanction the online used car retailer, including North Carolina, Florida, and Michigan. Dealing with the transfer of titles can be a time consuming matter. For companies buying and selling vehicles from across the country, this issue is much more prevalent. In this industry, the biggest mistake is selling a vehicle without a title in hand. This leaves a customer with a vehicle they can’t drive or results in the customer taking the risk and driving without a title.  

Cynara and her team at Kunes Auto Group make sure to prevent title issues and deal with the inevitable complications that result from having a large, fast-moving inventory. 


Check out this review from Jason Girdner, on Facebook - we think it exemplifies how the entire Kunes team, dedicated to handling titles, makes it easy for the customer. 


“Only Two dealerships from all the vehicles I’ve purchased in the state of Colorado have had plates delivered to my doorstep. All of them have made me or Scarlet go to the DMV and most of them messed up something in the paperwork and we had to go a few times. Tom Fohr and the team at Kunes Ford took really good care of this for me. Stickers are even attached to the plates. This is worth a lot to me, as a customer that is always busy.”


Whether you are a current Kunes customer or still shopping for the right vehicle, we are here to make buying a vehicle easy.

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